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Servicing: Fire Extinguishers and Hose Reels Fire Extinguishers Chris Dalby Fire service plans are simple and flexible.
Acquiring the right fire extinguishers can be confusing with so many types, fire ratings and sizes available. Siting your extinguishers correctly can be equally as unclear with so many extinguisher engineers still failing to understand the principles of basic fire safety. If you, or your competent person get either of these things wrong, your attempt to make the workplace safer could backfire resulting in people being put at risk.
Fire extinguishers should not be used to tackle large fires. It is also highly unlikely, as some still state, that such equipment will assist evacuees to make good their escape from a burning building.
The purpose, for which portable fire extinguishers are designed, is to give people the opportunity to tackle a small fire, normally at point of ignition, or before it has a chance to take hold. Used correctly and in the right circumstances, they offer an effective means to prevent the potential for unnecessary loss of property or life.
Our expertise in fire safety and extinguisher surveys will ensure your workplace is NOT, like so many, over accounted for. This means you don’t just save on your installation cost but also on your annual service bills.
They have been written so that they will be easy for you to understand. You have a choice of buying or renting your fire extinguishers and if you own your fire extinguishers you have a further choice between our two paid service plans. For your safety and reassurance, all service work is carried out to British Standard under a stringent quality regime. All service personnel are fully trained and qualified to the exacting standards of the Fire Extinguishing Trades Association.
Premier Cover
If your prefer not to buy your fire extinguishers you could opt for "Premier Cover" a service agreement, which includes the rental of fire extinguishers and the cost of all servicing. you can choose a contract term to suit you from 1-10 years. *Fire extinguishers serviced to British Standards *Flexible rental period from 1 - 10 years *Equal annual fees subject to the normal RPI increase *Annual fees include service and the supply of spares and refills CoverYou will Pay an inspection charge for each fire extinguisher or hose reel serviced, plus the cost of any testing carried out and any spares and refills used.*Fire extinguishers serviced to British Standards *Spares and refills costed as required *Fixed unit price for each extinguisher serviced *Minimum contract terms 12 months
Cover Plus
You will pay an all-inclusive service charge for each fire extinguisher serviced which covers the inspection, discharge testing, spares and refills. we will replace CO2 fire extinguishers, which need hydraulic testing with factory filled service exchange units at a separate charge. A call out charge will be made if you call us out between scheduled visits. *Fire extinguishers serviced to British Standards *Annual service inclusive of spare and refills *Costs easily budgeted *Available from 2-5 years
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