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fire extinguisher safety chart.
6ltr wet chemical fire extinguisher
                                                                         WET CHEMICAL CLASS F
9 litre water fire extinguisher
                                                                       WATER FIRE EXTINGUISHER
6 ltr foam fire extinguisher
                                                                           AFFF FOAM SPRAY
2kg carbon dioxide fire extinguisher
         CARBON DIOXIDE (  CO2 )
Acquiring the right fire extinguishers can be confusing with so many types, fire ratings and sizes available. Siting your extinguishers correctly can be equally as unclear with so many extinguisher engineers still failing to understand the principles of basic fire safety. If you, or your competent person get either of these things wrong, your attempt to make the workplace safer could backfire resulting in people being put at risk.
Fire extinguishers should not be used to tackle large fires. It is also highly unlikely, as some still state, that such equipment will assist evacuees to make good their escape from a burning building.The purpose, for which portable fire extinguishers are designed, is to give people the opportunity to tackle a small fire, normally at point of ignition, or before it has a chance to take hold. Used correctly and in the right circumstances, they offer an effective means to prevent the potential for unnecessary loss of property or life.
Our expertise in fire safety and extinguisher surveys will ensure your workplace is NOT, like so many, over accounted for. This means you don’t just save on your installation cost but also on your annual service bills.
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