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sign & signals - fire safety signs and notices
                                                       Safety Signs
The Most Common Fire Signs :Fire Extinguisher Signs - provides information on the location of fire-fighting equipment and how to use it, signage colours are generally white on a red background.
Fire Exit Signs – directs people to fire exits, generally white on a green background. Illuminated signage is also available.
Fire Action Signs – gives instructions on actions to take in the event of fire, generally white on a blue background.All our safety signs are supplied in line with British and European Quality Standards. With the exception of general use signs and those complying with international legislation, all our signs are manufactured in accordance with BS5499 standards.
Free Fire Signs Survey At Chris Dalby Fire & Safety we will conduct a free Fire Signs survey at your business premises to assess your needs and recommend a solution. Our fully qualified experts will advise you on the quantity of signs required to ensure your building is fully compliant with latest regulations.Please contact us to discuss your requirements and book your free Fire Signs survey. Chris Dalby Fire & Safety supply and install the full range of fire and safety signage, including illuminated Fire Exit signs, helping our customers meet their Health and Safety obligations.
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